Bolt went on a try – a new football club

The fastest man of all time Usain Bolt (31), who last year officially completed his athletic career, is currently in Norway where he is on trial at Stromsgodset.

Bolt also trained with Borussia Dortmund in March, for marketing purposes only, but this time he decided to start seriously with his football career.

Sporting director Stromsgodset Jostein Flo gathered the players before training and told them that the player came to the test that was incredibly fast, and then Jamaican appeared at the door, which surprised the players and everything in the club.

“We told them that he was coming to the test and that he was terribly fast, and the door opened and Usain Bolt came in. It was a big shock for them, they could not believe it. the whole club, “Flo told journalists.

He also pointed out that he is an athlete who possesses an enviable football talent.

“He’s a good footballer, otherwise he would not train with us,” Flo said.

And Bolt himself is very happy because he got another chance to try himself in football.

“Maybe the club can see something in me and give me a chance,” said Bolt, who will play a training match against the Norwegian U19 team.

Recall that after officially completing his athletic career, Bolt appeared on training sessions at Manchester United, Borussia Dortmund and South Africa’s Sundowns.

So far he has played in humanitarian and revival matches, and has earlier stated that he has a great desire to play professionally in a football club.

He’s still officially the fastest man in the world.

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